A documentary by Kirby Warnock

From the 50s to the 70s, Dallas was the music capital of Texas and the entire Southwest because of radio, records and the blues. Using interviews with the people who were there, rare backstage photos and some "lost' video, take a look back at when Big D dominated rock music!

About the Documentary

In the 1970s, Dallas, Texas, was the vinyl record distribution hub for five states, had the most dominant FM rock station in the southwest, KZEW, and was the home of the great Freddy King. These factors combined to make it the mecca for rock and roll - at that time, bigger than Austin. As the editor of Buddy magazine (a sort of regional Rolling Stone) I saw it up close and personal. Combining photos shot by myself, Stoney Burns and Ron McKeown, with interviews from the prime players from that era, WHEN DALLAS ROCKED is a baby boomers delight, and offers a history lesson for the MTV generation who never knew the Big D was once considered cool

Written, Directed and Produced by Kirby Warnock.

STARRING: Angus Wynne, Jon Dillon, John Rody, Jimmie Vaughan, Vicki Wade, Ira Lipson, William Williams, Carolyn Scott Naile, John Gasperik, and more! 


Trailer for the hour-long documentary on the Dallas music scene of the 70s. Visit us on Facebook at WHENDALLASROCKED.

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